Xicotencatl Gracida Canales

Xicotencatl Gracida Canales

Research Associate
Xicotencatl Gracida Canales

Xico is interested in how nervous systems adapt to cope with the environment. In particular, he focuses on understanding more about transient or adaptive neuronal changes associated with sensory stimuli, and stimulus-triggered neuronal activity. He is using C. elegans as a model system, and adapted with John Calarco a method to profile genome-wide gene expression changes in specific cell types. He obtained his Ph.D. in Dresden at Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics, and a B.S. in Biology at UNAM in Mexico City.  In September 2016 Xico became a joint postdoc of the Calarco and Zhang labs.


Contact Information

52 Oxford Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617 495-1018

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