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Myung's paper in Nature Communications.

August 3, 2020
Congratulations to Myung-Kyu Choi for his paper on NMDAR-mediated modulation of gap junction circuit regulates olfactory learning in C. elegans.

Welcome to Jingting!

September 21, 2019
Jingting Liang started as a first year graduate student in OEB. Welcome!
  • AIY neural activity as function of dispersal speed

    Luo et al Neuron 2014

  • Phenotype analysis of insulin mutants

    Fernandes de Abreu et al PLoS Genetics 2014

  • Compartmentalized calcium activity in RIA interneuron

    Hendricks et al Nature 2012

  • 2019 Rock Climbing

    2019 Rock Climbing in Somerville

  • Wu et al Neuron 2019

    Overcrowding pheromones inhibit learning

    Wu et al Neuron 2019

  • Gracida et al Cell Rep 2017

    Neuronal cell type-specific transcriptome using TRAP

    Gracida et al Cell Report 2017

  • Liu et al Neuron 2018

    Sensorimotor integration regulates learning

    Liu et al Neuron 2018

  • shen et al eLife 2016

    An extrasynaptic GABAergic signal modulates locomotion

    Shen et al eLife 2016

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    Role of a gap junction circuit in learning

    Myung et al Nature Communications 2020